What types of communities can be added?

Any property that has or allows at least two houses. And at least one of those houses is a tiny house. 

This can be represented in many types of communities, such as:  

  • tiny-friendly RV parks, mobile-home parks & campgrounds
  • Places with ONLY tiny hosues
  • Backyard parking
  • Mixed housing
  • Etc

What is considered a tiny house?

Any house under 400 sq ft, give or take. It can be on wheels or on foundation. It can be a school bus, van, shipping container, a cabin, etc. Even a treehouse!

Can I add a community of small houses?

Absolutely! Small houses, typically ranging from 400-1000 sq ft, are a great fit for people who can't or don't want a tiny house. 

So, it serves a segment of the population that want the benefits of living tiny in a way that suits them better.

Be sure to select the "Small Houses" option for Types of Houses allowed, when creating your community.

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