Featured Tiny Home Community: Tiny House Block

Tiny House Block is the first legal tiny house on wheels community in San Diego County, California.

Back at the beginning of March, we were fortunate to visit before the shelter in place orders came down after meeting Jon and Melissa Block at TinyFest California. They kindly invited us to their mountain town tiny house village.


Tiny House Block is home to 18 long and short-term rentals and seven rental lots. Importantly, for those looking for parking for your tiny house on wheels, they currently have availability!

Tiny House Block opened its doors one and half years ago, after taking over a run-down RV park, full of abandoned trailers and crumbling infrastructure. Fortunately, the property is grandfathered in for extended stays, making year-round THOW living legal.

Another top benefit of the park is the on-site cafe and the beautiful location in Mount Laguna. It’s a small mountain town in the Cleveland National Forest, a stop along the Pacific Crest Trail.

Believe it or not, it’s also just 1-hour away from downtown San Diego.
During our visit, we most enjoyed connecting with the full-time residents. Together they regularly through potlucks around the fire. And we would love to see more full-timers move in, especially anyone with kids!

Campfire at Tiny House Block in San Diego California

“Simplicity; the simple life. We’re not bogged down with a bunch of stress and responsibilities. We come and feel like we’re on vacation.”


Interested in joining this tiny house community?

 Learn more about Tiny House Block in our community listing here.

Additionally, more legal parking opportunities are now available in the city of San Diego! new zoning ordinance approves movable tiny houses as accessory dwelling units.


A new Tiny House Block is coming soon!

Tiny House Block Julian is now underway in Banner Ranch, California. This new tiny home community is on an expansive 62 acres.

The vision for the Julian property is to be a Disneyland for outdoor activities. On this point, I am most excited. A major goal is to find partners who want to lease the land from us and set up their operations. Here are some examples of businesses we believe would thrive being part of this community: paintball, archery, horse stables and riding, camping. There’s an on-site convenience store with beer license that can be yours; preference to anybody who wants turn it into a tavern.


While their THB Mount Laguna village is exclusively for tiny houses, the new location welcomes RVs, skoolies, container homes, van conversions, and other homes-on-wheels, on a month-to-month basis.


Looking for a tiny house rental? Tiny House Block now has one available for move-in, with more to come!

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