Featured Tiny House Community: A Family’s Backyard Village

Featured Tiny House Community:
A Family’s Backyard Village

If you have ever perused Pinterest for tiny house inspiration, you have definitely seen the famous Tiny Tack House. Chris and Malissa Tack built it eight years ago, before “tiny house” was a well-known term. Back then, very few DIY resources were available. So Malissa decided to design their house herself. She is a highly skilled 3D artist and always up for a good challenge.



This lack of available information inspired her to launch a blog about their experience and later to offer their tiny house plans to the other DIYers. It was one of the first tiny home blogs, an early inspiration for countless enthusiasts.

As their family has grown, the use of their tiny home is evolving. It served the needs of the Tacks beautifully for five years, tucked away in the Washington countryside. They grew lonely and craved the closeness of others.

A new dream was born.

Malissa and Chris envisioned a small community with a few tiny houses and a common house. This arrangement could offer more flexibility for their changing family needs, as well as a relaxed communal environment.


Ultimately, they found a small, renovated house on a big lot, located in a quiet neighborhood, outside Seattle. The sizable backyard provides ample space for up to three tiny houses, a large garden and plenty of lawn space.

After making the big move, the Tack family grew. When we visited, we met Chris and Malissa’s then beautiful 11-month old baby girl, Sol. Now, they have another sweet baby girl.

Their extended family now includes their new tiny house community member, Kat. She lives in a beautiful, modern Shelterwise tiny home. 

They share the common spaces in the main house—kitchen, living room, and bathroom. Importantly for the Tacks, all community members are vegan making frequent share meals a breeze.

After much hard work and TLC, they all enjoy the bounty from the community garden and the fruit trees. Malissa’s DIY building skills once again came in handy for the creation of five raised garden beds with an attractive Shou Sugi Ban finish.

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