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New Name

SearchTinyHouseVillages.com has a new name — ChooseTiny.com.

All traffic from SearchTinyHouseVillages.com will redirect to ChooseTiny.com. 

New Functionality

The entire site has been redesigned and overhauled from scratch!

You’ll need to log in to access the User Dashboard, Booking Communities, Direct Messaging & to leave a Community Review.

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User Dashboard

A detailed & flexible user control board to manage details about your profile, listings, chats & more.

Proximity Search

Filter communities within a desired distance from a location.

New Sorting Functions

Sort communities by price, proximity, reviews & more

Boost Your Community

Options to have your listings featured at the top of the search results.

Direct Messaging

Instant messages with Communities, Tiny Dwellers & Tiny Dreamers.

Bookmark Communities

Save your favorite communities so you can easily find them in your profile.

Quick View

See limited community info in the quick view mode without entering the community profile.

Compare Communities

Select multiple communities to compare side by side details.

Community Reviews

Add or read community reviews!