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Jun 04
10 Tips for DIY – Planning, Building & Living Tiny

Learn from my mistakes and experiences! This is the slideshow I use for my festival presentation. One of these days I will record myself giving the presentation and upload it to the site! Please note that much more information is covered during the talk, and the slideshows don't cover all of the content.

Aug 27
Fireside Chat with The Tiny Life

Check out this video of my chat with Ryan of the Tiny Life, discussing all things Tiny House Living & Tiny House Communities! This is an informal sitdown chat where we hold a casual conversation touching on various aspects of the tiny house movement. I hope you find it useful.

Apr 19
Living Tiny in Community Audio Lecture

Living Tiny in Community Lecture Listen to find tiny house parking, with a focus on Tiny House Communities. Learn the different types of available communities, the pros & cons of each type, resources for finding or starting a community, and tools for working together. I regularly visit tiny house festivals as a speaker (before COVID-19). […]

Sep 10
Top 8 Questions about Creating a Tiny House Community

Countless tiny house enthusiasts dream of creating their very own community. But for the brave few who pursue it, starting the process can be incredibly daunting. A common-sense place to start is a quick Google search. But results on the topic typically include intimidating zoning obstacles, or misleading articles on “livable communities” that are actually mostly hotels or failed developer projects. Good news! If you found this site, then your research just got a whole lot easier with our ever-growing directory of tiny house communities of all kinds. And this leads…

Jul 17
11 Step Guide to Visiting your First Tiny House Community

Do you dream of living in a tiny house community? Researching options in our online database is a great place to start. But to truly find out if a particular village is a good fit for you, then you need to experience it firsthand. Time to schedule a visit! If you're like me, sometimes excitement can get in the way of clear judgment. So it's important to thoroughly plan your trip to ensure you maximize your time there. After all, this is a huge decision, your potential future home that will…

Mar 06
Do you and your friends want to start a community, but aren’t sure what to do next?

Do you have a group of friends who fantasize about creating a community together? Or, maybe you've already made some headway with your group, but you're spinning wheels or everyone has their own (different) vision of the community. Overwhelmed? Not sure what the next step is? Do you all feel like you're herding cats? Never fear. Use this tool among your group to determine who goals & property types align with each other.

Jan 10
This Could End the Tiny House Community Movement

That isn’t a click-bait title. There is a serious dilemma facing Tiny House Communities that isn’t receiving enough attention. People are focusing on the legality & development of communities, which is of course needed. However, few communities are focusing on interdependence skills. See my recent post on the difference between a neighborhood and a community […]

Jan 10
Living in an Intentional Community: A Case Study of Twin Oaks

People often ask me to define “Intentional Community”. In short, it is a planned community of self-selecting residents with common values that prioritize social cohesion, shared responsibilities & shared resources.  I find it best to provide an overview of an existing intentional community. Below, I will provide a case study of Twin Oaks. You may […]

Jan 10
2014 Annual Community Conference Recap: First Exposure

This was written in 2014 after my first visit to the Annual Communities Conference hosted by Twin Oaks, near Charlottesville, VA. I’ve since returned every Labor Day weekend to catch each year’s conference. Those in attendance hailed from all corners of the US and even some from across the pond. Many were already living communally, […]

Jan 10
7 Resources for Starting a Community

Forming a community is HARD. I’ve tried (& failed) several times. Forming a community is like starting a business & marrying 30 people at the same time. The odds are really stacked against you. But there are successful communities out there. What did they do right? What resources are available to help you avoid common mistakes? I HIGHLY recommend Creating a Life Together by Diana Leafe Christian. The author spent decades visiting successful and failed communities to determine what commonalities were found among them. She also outlines a slew of tools…