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Apr 27
Top 3 Tiny House Communities for Horse Lovers

If you have ever perused Pinterest for tiny house inspiration, you have definitely seen the famous Tiny Tack House. Chris and Malissa Tack built it eight years ago, before “tiny house” was a well-known term. Back then, very few DIY resources were available. So Malissa decided to design their house herself. She is a highly skilled 3D artist and always up for a good challenge.

Feb 10
Top 3 Tiny House Communities Near Ski Resorts

(plus 7 honorable mentions) As a new snowboarder myself, I am thrilled to share several tiny house communities within a short drive to ski resorts across the country. Most definitely, these are a dream come true for many in search of a place to call home.

Oct 22
Top 6 Tiny House Communities in Urban Areas

(Plus 8 honorable mentions) Not everyone can be a digital nomad. That’s why proximity to jobs is still necessary for many tiny home dwellers. And for those who thrive in fast-paced environments, country living is not their cup of tea. If you can relate, then you’ll be thrilled to learn of tiny house villages in urban areas. These typically boast of walkability to nearby amenities and short commutes. This is only the beginning. As a growing number of cities update their outdated zoning laws, expect to see numerous new tiny home…

Oct 08
Top 3 Tiny House Communties with Dog Parks

Curating a tiny home around the things most essential and dearest to your heart can include your furry companion. While downsizing pet owners may get rid of excessive toys and accessories, they would never say goodbye to their beloved dog, cat, or other animal pals. Interestingly, many new to the tiny house movement are often surprised by the number of tiny dwellers with pets.