Top 3 Tiny House Communities for Horse Lovers

Top 3 Tiny House Communities for Horse Lovers

Tiny house living is a tool to help you achieve your lifestyle goals, so you can spend more time doing what you love. So it follows tiny home villages can further support your hobbies and passions through available extra space and curated amenities. Because living your best life often means getting outside or in the community, not just staying holed up in your house.

One pastime that needs plenty of room is equestrian activities. Do you relish horseback riding or just love being near horses? Imagine how delightful it would be to walk just a few short steps from your tiny home to a horse pasture.

Explore these three horse-friendly tiny house communities:

Dream River Ranch in Oasis, Idaho

Dream River Ranch is a tiny house-friendly intentional equestrian community in southwestern Idaho. They practice co-operative living with permaculture principles and consensus-based decision making. Community members work together to develop fulfilling relationships through shared work, like organic farming, as well as a shared passion for horsemanship.

“Our horses also teach us about living in community. They naturally know that it takes the herd to survive in the wild, and they learn social graces within that herd. Living in community is like living with the herd. Horses graze together and so do we, with one community meal per day prepared by alternating cooks. Horses gallop together with pure energy and glee; and so do we by enjoying our horse playtime with passion, co-operative work and feasting time with joy.”

Sound like a good fit for you? Membership applications are available upon request. Additionally, tiny house guests are welcome for short-term stays

A couple of years ago, we had the pleasure of parking at Dream River Ranch for a week. I remember the surprise of coming downstairs in the morning to discover a handsome horse staring back at me through our front window—a new kind of neighbor experience for us! 


  • Equestrian center
  • Multiple horse pastures and barns
  • Horse boarding and therapy services available
  • Well water
  • Community garden
  • On-site composting system

Caballos de las Estrellas Eco-Community in Rodeo, New Mexico

Caballos de las Estrellas is an ideal equestrian community for those who cherish wide open spaces. It is situated on over 1000 acres with majestic mountain views, along with miles of trails for horseback riding, hiking, and biking. What’s more, the eco-community is surrounded by BLM and state public lands.


“We are an animal-friendly equestrian community at a time when many people who live with animals are finding themselves faced with oppressive restrictions and less space designated for large animals every year.  There is no charge for keeping your horses at the equestrian center but you can also keep livestock on your own lot.”


Choose from close-proximity neighbors, with the rental tiny house and RV park sites. Or if you prefer you more privacy, you can purchase one of their available 10-20 acre residential lots. Financing is available. While your site built home is under construction, you can live in your tiny home for up to two years. Afterward, they encourage you to use your THOW as an accessory dwelling unit.



  • Equestrian center
  • Clubhouse with laundry room
  • Library
  • Gym and pool
  • Community garden
  • Greenhouse
  • Firepit and hot tub

Farm Villagette in Glen Arm, Maryland

Are you looking for a more intimate setting? The Farm Villagette offers low-key, kid and horse-friendly living. The lush five-acre community consists of one single-family farmhouse and one tiny house. While as a remote pastoral feel, it is within commuting distance to Baltimore.


The Farm Villagette is currently seeking another tiny house resident. Send them a message to learn more.



  • Equestrian center
  • Barn and outbuildings
  • Farm equipment
  • Community garden
  • Firepit and outdoor seating
  • Hiking
  • Lawn care

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