Top 3 Tiny House Communties with Dog Parks


Credit: Tiny House Tranquility

Curating a tiny home around the things most essential and dearest to your heart can include your furry companion. While downsizing pet owners may get rid of excessive toys and accessories, they would never say goodbye to their beloved dog, cat, or other animal pals. Interestingly, many new to the tiny house movement are often surprised by the number of tiny dwellers with pets.

Basically, the number of pet owners within the tiny house movement at the very least matches the general population. And that makes perfect sense if you think about it. Living tiny is often motivated by the desire to prioritize your time around what brings you joy—like playing with your puppy.

So it’s no surprise, that the vast majority of tiny house communities are pet-friendly. For a lucky few, their individual THOW lot size can accommodate a small fenced-in yard space, providing easy outdoor access for their dog(s).

Like humans, socialization is essential for dogs. Thus, the beauty of an on-site dog park, it’s a place for community building for all residents, furry or otherwise.

Explore these existing tiny house communities with dog parks:


Since its inception, the love of outdoors is central to the mountain village lifestyle of The Meadows by the developer, Simple Life. Accordingly, central to the community design are features encouraging healthy lifestyles. So of course, this includes an ample-size dog park.

The Meadows is a tiny house on wheels only community, neighboring The Village and The Hamlet park model communities, by the same developer. All are dog-friendly with parks and pet waste stations sprinkled across the property—a friendly reminder to pick-up after your pup.

What’s even better, Meadows residents have access to all of the wonderful amenities The Village offers, such as the clubhouse, pool, and another dog park!

Other Amenities:

  • Landscaped gated-community
  • Bike-friendly neighborhood
  • Fishing pond
  • Community fire pit and garden

The Hideaway Tiny House Village in Westline, MO

After the success of their flourishing west Fort Worth, Texas, location, the creator of The Hideaway Villages recently expanded to Missouri. It’s located 45 minutes south of Kansas City. With just five acres, the village is only a fraction of the size of the Texas location. Though, it follows the same close-knit relationship focus and permaculture principles.

Though, unlike its southern sister community, the Missouri location added a small dog park.

Other Amenities:

  • Community garden and kitchen
  • Outdoor seating, fire pits, and picnic areas
  • Laundry room
  • WiFi

Tiny Tranquility in Waldport, OR

There’s nothing tiny about dog life at Tiny Tranquility. Enjoy dog play and chit-chat with neighbors at their spacious 5,500 square foot dog park. Need more exercise? Take your furry friend for a run on the nearby sandy beach.

Tiny Tranquility is a tiny home and vintage trailer community on the Oregon Coast, just two blocks away from the beach. In addition to an impressive selection of nightly vacation rentals, they offer long-term site rentals, 43 beautifully landscaped spots across 6 acres.

Other Amenities:

  • On-site storage space and personal greenhouse space
  • Outdoor activity area and nature trail
  • Large entertainment room
  • Outdoor covered lounge and grilling area
  • Boat parking available
  • Free WiFi

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