Top 6 Tiny House Communities in Urban Areas

Top 6 Tiny House Communities in Urban Areas

Not everyone can be a digital nomad. That’s why proximity to jobs is still necessary for many tiny home dwellers. And for those who thrive in fast-paced environments, country living is not their cup of tea. If you can relate, then you’ll be thrilled to learn of tiny house villages in urban areas. These typically boast of walkability to nearby amenities and short commutes.

This is only the beginning. As a growing number of cities update their outdated zoning laws, expect to see numerous new tiny home communities pop-up, within or just outside of small and midsize cities.

Likely this will include many ‘tiny house on foundation; developments. For instance, Hiatus Homes in the city of Bend, Oregon. One downside, often more expensive than tiny house on wheels community living. Though typically still significantly less than median home costs in most cities.

For now, explore these existing urban movable tiny home communities:

Orlando Lakefront at College Park in Orlando, FL

Orlando Lakefront pioneered the RV/Tiny House community idea back in 2015. Owner, Adam Money, with the help of many park residents, transformed it from a run-down 1950’s RV park to lush modern tiny home community. Its located next to Lake Fairview, only 10 minutes from downtown Orlando.

While it’s not within walking distance to neighborhood amenities, hop on a watercraft at the community dock and boat to a popular restaurant on the other side of the lake!

“We offer available lots to tiny housers who wish to legally park, live on the shores of a beautiful lake, and take advantage of all that a nearby metropolitan area has to offer.”

-Adam Money, Orlando Lakefront owner

Orlando Lakefront is typically full, but you can always add your name to the waitlist.



  • Laundry room
  • Community garden
  • 2 fishing docks
  • Pet-friendly
  • Year-round landscaping
  • Trash pickup

DIY Tiny in Asheville, NC

Two of the biggest obstacles to tiny house living are finding a place to build and a place to park. DIY Tiny offers solutions for both. The cherry on top: current residents, who all built their own tiny home, are there to offer advice, guidance and a helping hand. Whether you are looking to just to build, stay long term or just for a season, this is the supportive community for you.
It’s nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains in the artsy Asheville. Better yet, downtown is just 10 minutes away—brimming with breweries, art galleries, and a stellar culinary scene. One downside, to enter the tiny house community you must climb one incredibly steep, gravel hill. Though, once at the top, the mountain views make the hike worth it.

During our visit three years ago, there were only two tiny houses. Now there are six at least three were built onsite. The houses were laid out in a row, surrounded by evergreen trees. As owner Drew Crawford explained to us, the idea behind DIY Tiny came out of his search for resources during his tiny house build.

Drew is currently looking for financial partners, ideally, future residents, to acquire additional property to create 12-20 new parking spots. Visit DIY Tiny’s website to learn more.


  • Build space and mentorship
  • Outdoor lounge space and fire pit
  • Community garden
  • Pet-friendly

Village Farm Tiny Home Community in Austin, TX

Just 8 miles from downtown Austin, is the beautiful Village Farm Tiny Home Community. It opened last year, welcoming residents who purchase one of their high-end park model tiny homes. What sets it apart is its “agrihood” structure—housing centered around farming. In this case, they are built alongside Green Gate Farms, a USDA certified organic farm who offers residents and the greater Austin community a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. Residents can enjoy a weekly farmers market just steps from their front door.

The Village is impeccably landscaped around parks, community gardens, and numerous additional amenities like a pool. The goal with these wonderful features is to foster a connection between neighbors to create a close-knit small-town vibe within the bustling urban environment.

After a successful start with their first 42 lots, Village Farm now plans to expand in 2020 with a whopping 112 additional lots. Visit their website to learn more.


  • Farm and community gardens
  • Outdoor lounge spaces and picnic areas
  • Pool and jacuzzi
  • General store and cafe
  • Dog park
  • Year-round landscaping

Escalante Village in Durango, CO

Picture riverside living with mountain views, just a short walk to a coffee shop and grocery store. It’s my dream urban community setting. The small city of Durango is home to Escalante Village, a brand-new tiny house village, scheduled to open late Fall 2019.

The soothing sounds of the Animas River can be heard from each of the 24 landscaped, tiny home sites. Additionally, they are just a few steps away from a paved walking/biking path that leads to the charming downtown.

Future residents can either rent one of their six lovely long-term rentals or bring their own tiny house on wheels. One very important note, each THOW must be approved by the city’s Building Department and also requires an architectural design approval by the developer. Contact the Escalante Village for current availability.


  • On-site storage available
  • Bike racks
  • Landscaping and 2 movable garden beds/tiny house lot
  • Community garden
  • Shared recreational area
  • Snow removal
  • Fiber optic internet

Lake Dallas Tiny House Village in Lake Dallas, TX

PHOTO CREDIT: Developer, Terry Lantrip

Looking for a quaint small-town feel with a short commute to multiple big cities? Then Lake Dallas Tiny Home Village could be right for you. It’s a brand-new tiny house on wheels pocket neighborhood in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area. New residents enjoy walking distance to parks, libraries and several restaurants in downtown, just a couple blocks away.

Additionally, the beautiful Lake Lewis recreation area is a short bike ride away. The proximity to these amenities, along with the public schools, makes this a wonderful tiny house family-friendly community.
Lots are filling up quick—only limited availability! Each tiny home must be built to the IRC Tiny House Appendix Q standard (minus trailer) and need to be tied-down. Contact developer, Terry Lantrip to learn more.


  • Laundry room
  • Individual lawns/patio space
  • Community garden
  • Common courtyard and shaded backyard with fire pit
  • Community center (coming in Phase 2)

Going Places in Portland, OR

Going Places is a tiny house cohousing community founded by Lina Menard. She previously helped form Simply Home, a larger but similar community model in Portland, Oregon. Her new charming community fits perfectly into old neighborhood full of small homes. It consists of a 1200 sq ft common house with a large backyard with room for two tiny homes. During our visit, I was blown away by how it all fit, just so, and still had room for a big garden.

Living in Portland is expensive. But less so for Going Places residents. They are able to keep their collective housing costs affordable by simply sharing the expenses—mortgage, property taxes, utilities, etc. Through community budgeting, they are able to set money aside for ongoing maintenance and special projects, like building a bike shelter.

“I found that when people move to a cohousing community their relationships with their family and friends often improve because the physical and social structures of the community facilitate a healthier lifestyle.”

-Lina Menard, Going Places co-founder

Community members share the outdoor spaces and the downstairs rooms of the common house. All this sharing requires much open communication. Consequently, all members helped craft community living agreements. These establish clear expectations, conflict/resolution guidelines, the division of responsibilities and more.


  • Community House with Communal Kitchen, Laundry Room, Guest Bedroom
  • Shared Shed

There are numerous commuter-friendly tiny house communities available across the country. For more options, use our Village Finder tool to find one near you!

Honorable Mentions – Urban and Commuter Friendly Communities:

Know of any urban villages we missed? Or want to talk about any villages in this post? Comment below!

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